Movies of Tasciotti, Director: Legend of Finchville: early life of Michelle Novac...

Movies of Tasciotti, Director: Legend of Finchville: early life of Michelle Novac... : The documentary, true life story of Michelle Novacich...

Friday, March 24, 2023

ChronoCosmonomy Tempus spatium


"Time space" is the new structural model of the Universe, wherein Light does travel at variable speed, a finite pace within galaxies, containing localized gravity fields and at a virtually infinite pace within the intergalactic zone. Time itself is established Absolutely and whenceforth portions of it are perceived as "relative time". Space itself is also established Absolutely and whereby portions of it are perceived as "relative space", in consideration of motion phenomenon. This is the beginning of the universal Laws being postulated by Tasciotti-Peter in the TimeSpace wave named eight in the year 000056 at north america, east coast. 

in Latin, for the learned:

"Tempus spatium" est novum exemplar universitatis structurale, in quo lux varia celeritate iter facit, gressum finitum intra galaxias, agros gravitatis locales continens et paene infinitam gressum intra zonam intergalacticam. Absolute ipsum tempus constituitur et unde eius portiones "tempus relativum" percipiuntur. Spatium quoque ipsum absolutum constituitur, et quo eius portiones " spatium relativum" pro motu phaenomeni percipiuntur. Hoc principium est legum universalium a Tasciotti-Petro in unda TimeSpace nominata octo in anno 000056 in America septentrionali, in ora orientali.

Mel Gibson | Jesus Christ

 Mel Gibson producing the next Jesus Christ movie in his series...

Essay for the Woke and Cancel Culture

 follow the link... 

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Coming from a Family and Background of Medical Doctors

Yes that is my biography, from being surrounded by medical doctors at the start of my life, the story begins...  It was formative and influential.  Yet did I accept all of it as fact?  Noooo. I questioned it, I doubted it, I basically started to think about all of it.  Medical, medicine, what are they doing with that stuff?

So with that in mind, how I should be somebody with knowledge and insight, through a long and real experience of life, here is a pointer.  I am pointing you in the direction of this individual who is talking sense.  Do you what I mean by talk sense?  It means, telling it like it is, no B.S., no horse puckey.  So listen up and go to this doctor's website. Dr. Vernon Coleman

TimeSpace Chronicles: Update and review of TimeSpace website

TimeSpace Chronicles: Update and review of TimeSpace website: What's the Mission of TimeSpace here?  TimeSpace Chronicles and ChronoCosmonomy archive image (below): Tasciotti's Laws of ChronoCos...

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Time, some are saying it doesn't exist. Eh?


If you say that Time does not exist, it is as if you are saying God the creator does not exist.  That is the usual, old atheist trap.

 In Latin: Si dicis tempus non esse, quasi dicas Deum creatorem non esse. id est usitatius, vetulae athei laquei.

Saturday, December 31, 2022

Global Horsepower 3.0: War history and Tall Tales

Global Horsepower 3.0: War history and Tall Tales: War is over-rated. and the history of it, often woven with lies. Unfortunately, this vicious cycle wastes our time and the lives of many m...

Sunday, December 25, 2022

Documentary circa 2010 Living in modern Israel Kinneret Sea of Galilee


This is to accompany/Mirror the info in the Youtube video page

Info which you can also find by any web search, under the search terms (various combinations): boat "Sea of Galilee" Kinneret Bible water "Jesus Christ"